Freedom Quattro

FREEDOM QUATTRO Microprocessor Knee by PROTEOR is designed to give users the freedom to live their lives without interruption.

With PROTEOR’s innovative H.A.R.T. Control Technology, Freedom Quattro is the first MPK to provide a unique customized experience that captures user’s distinctive gait patterns. Boasting 20 user modes, remote data capture, outcome measure reporting, and independent resistance for stairs/ramps and sitting, it challenges and drives the status quo for MPK’s to the next level.
Sophisticated microprocessor controlled resistance that helps optimize stability whenever changes in terrain or cadence occurs.

H.A.R.T. Control Technology

Infinite customized real time response to gait needs.
Patented H.A.R.T Control Technology allows for a fast and infinite amount of adjustments for the diameter of the valve, resulting in a custom gait experience that users describe as the ability to “walk like me”.

20 Programmable Modes

Switching between activities has neverbeen easier. With 19 Progammable modes plus cycle mode, users can customize their experience to fit their lifestyle without compromise.

Water Ingress Certified

IP67 tested for occasional submersion in water (submersible up to 1 meter for 30 minutes).

User and Prosthetist Apps

Streamlined set up, monitoring, customization and cadence reporting are a touch away with the Clinician and Patient Apps.

No Service Intervals & Field Replaceable Kneepad Cover

Uninterrupted use.
Replaceable Kneepad Field replaceable kneepad, allows for quick turnaround replacements for users for uninterupted use.

Manual Lock

Conveniently located inside the app or via the knee keypad.

Shortest MPK Build Height

For added versatility in foot selection.

Remote 3-month Data Capture

Users can choose to email their cadence data to their prosthetist for remote review.

Technical features

  • Available in Pyramid and Threaded Top Options.
    • QNX0010 (Pyramid)
    • QNX0011 (Threaded Top)
  • Knee Flexion: 135 °
  • Build Height: 8.5 in (216 mm)
  • User Weight Limit: 300 lbs /136 kg
  • Battery Life: 2-3 days
  • Water Ingress Certified: IP67
  • Patient and Prosthetist Apps (available in both iOS and Android)
  • 20 Available Modes; with 19 of the 20 being programmable.



Legal Information

The FREEDOM QUATTRO knee, manufactured by PROTEOR, is intended to be fitted to amputees. This product is a class-1, CE-marked medical device that is certified as conforming with Regulation (EU) 2017/745. Read the instructions for use carefully before use. Ask your prosthetist for advice.