The Dynatrek foot is intended for active users and enables them to move flexibly and safely over all types of surface as well as down slopes and stairs.

The design of the Dynatrek foot prioritises comfort and optimal safety.

Thanks to its long sole plate, the Dynatrek gives the user a smooth and uninterrupted step roll-over. To provide greater flexibility, this sole plate is a carbon blade split along its entire length. The use of carbon makes the foot both light and strong, with the split enhancing the flexibility and helping users keep their balance. The upper blade, also made of carbon, lets the foot store and then return energy, as well as allowing inversion/eversion at the forefoot.

Tests revealed an overall increase in satisfaction, amongst users who wore the Dynatrek instead of their usual prosthetic foot, in terms of:
• Problem-free swing phase
• Front-rear flexibility
• Lateral flexibility
Tests conducted in 2017 on 5 subjects who wore the Dynatrek prosthetic foot for 5 weeks

In addition to suitability to all types of surface, the Dynatrek is resistant to fresh water, chlorinated water and sea water.

It is also able to withstand heavy loads, with is capable of supporting up to 150 kg.

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Legal Informations:
The Dynatrek foot, manufactured by PROTEOR, is intended for below-knee or above-knee amputees whose activity level is normal to high (3 or 4). This product is a class-1, CE-marked medical device that is certified as conforming with Regulation (EU) 2017/745.