Trauma refers to all injury-induced and degenerative conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system. It includes trauma caused by highway or occupational accidents, sports-related injuries and diseases that can affect the entire musculoskeletal system (degenerative conditions).

Wearing an orthosis is a common treatment for trauma and can be prescribed as a supplement to surgery.

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Reasons to choose a PROTEOR orthosis

The PROTEOR teams made up of orthotists, prosthetists and orthopedists apply their collective know-how and technical expertise to provide fully customized solutions that satisfy the user’s requirements in every respect.

We fit custom-made or off-the-shelf orthoses exactly as requested by the prescriber.

Custom-made orthoses are produced in our specialized workshops by our orthotists, prosthetists or orthopedists.

Off-the-shelf orthoses are provided by rigorously selected suppliers that are certified and subject to constant evaluation

Every year, PROTEOR:

  • delivers 200,000 off-the-shelf devices to users
  • designs, manufactures and delivers 41,500 custom-made devices to users

All our custom orthoses are made in France.

Our workshops incorporated within the Centers for Orthopedics are equipped with specific resources, use modern technologies and are staffed by local teams trained to listen and respond to your requests.

Whenever necessary, these workshops within the Centers for Orthopedics can ask for assistance from our central manufacturing facility which is capable of producing 10,000 items of equipment a year.

Our team of R&D engineers develop software specifically for orthotists/prosthetists to facilitate and improve the design of orthopedic equipment.

On a daily basis, PROTEOR orthotists/prosthetists use the products they have developed:

  • Orten3DCam, fast, comfortable and accurate acquisition of the shape of the user
  • OrtenSmartist, rectification and simulation performed using the software dedicated to orthopedics
  • OrtenMake, efficient manufacture of spinal orthoses using our numerical milling machines


To find out more about Orten application software: click here

For many years, PROTEOR has offered the Orthoproxi service to clinics and hospital centers.

This service involves storing off-the-shelf orthopedic devices in depots located with these clinics and hospitals.

These Orthoproxi depots of off-the-shelf orthosis offer the following benefits:

For users:

More practical: The user is fitted promptly with the device required. This avoids the need to pick up equipment from external supply sources (particularly problematic at the weekend or during the night…)

 After-sales service in the immediate vicinity to support the products if required: the PROTEOR team is available to assist users in the center for orthopedics located near to the hospital center

For the medical teams:

Better quality of care: Fitted directly to the user by a specialist, expert knowledge of the right equipment by the practician for better compliance.

 A suitable range of stock: PROTEOR personnel check stock levels and restock as required. PROTEOR can called in to intervene in an emergency simply by picking up the phone.

Cost savings: the medical organization avoids tying up its capital in a stock of purchased orthoses.

Our equipment solutions

Wearing an orthosis, also known as a splint, is a common treatment and can be prescribed as a supplement to surgery. An orthosis provides replacement support in the event of a loss of function (temporarily or permanently), or compensates for a disability or for an osteoarticular, muscular or neurological deficiency.

Different types of orthosis can be worn on different parts of the body. Orthoses are worn for various reasons:

– reduce pain,
– assist with a motor deficiency,
– correct a deformation,
– or facilitate movement.

The time spent wearing the orthosis will vary depending on the pathology and the level of functioning the user wishes to achieve.

These orthoses may be custom-made (moulded to the body) or off-the-shelf. Custom-made orthoses are generally used for more severe conditions or if the user’s morphology is unusual and thus not suited to off-the-shelf equipment.

Orthotists are responsible for designing, manufacturing and delivering custom-made orthoses.

The PROTEOR teams, made up of orthotists, prosthetists and orthopedists, apply their collective know-how and technical expertise to provide fully customized solutions that satisfy the user’s requirements in every respect.


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The components

PROTEOR designs and develops for orthotists a wide range of joints, fabrics, straps, and plastic components suitable for the manufacture of various orthoses.