Osteoarthritis of the knee

Osteoarthritis of the knee is characterized by wear and deformation of the cartilage that covers the bony extremities of the femur and tibia. When the joint articulates, the bones at the joint rub against each other causing pain which can be acute and difficult to bear. About 5 million French people have knee osteoarthritis in either one knee or both knees (in 2/3rds of cases). In 85% of cases, it is the medial compartment of the knee which is affected. This disease can be highly disabling.

One of the therapies used to relieve osteoarthritis of the knee is to wear a knee brace.

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Our equipment solutions

Although there are many different types of knee brace for knee osteoarthritis, at PROTEOR our preference is for custom-made knee braces. The knee braces are designed and tailored to the medical prescription, weight, height and knee deformation of the individual user.

PROTEOR offers a knee brace which is suitable for all these situations:

  • The knee brace for medial compartment knee osteoarthritis: the ODRA knee brace, developed by PROTEOR. The device uses the combination of two effects – distraction and rotation – to reduce the pressures on the medical compartment of the knee, In this way, it speedily and durably alleviates the pain experienced by the user. It is unobtrusive, lightweight and only slightly restrictive. A number of clinical trials have proven its efficacy in relieving pain.
  • The knee brace for medial compartment knee osteoarthritis: we offer various different knee braces designed to reduce pain for users.

These individualized medical devices are made to comply with a medical prescription and then adjusted and fitted to the user exclusively by a qualified and accredited orthotist who also provides post-fitting follow-up.



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Reasons to choose a PROTEOR knee brace

Patented worldwide and developed by PROTEOR, the Odra knee brace with its unique mechanism is the fruit of four years of research.

Numerous independent and internationally recognised studies have proven the effectiveness of this knee brace in treating medial knee osteoarthritis.

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Our knee braces for knee osteoarthritis are custom-made in France.

Our workshops incorporated within the Centers for Orthopedics are equipped with specific resources, use modern technologies and are staffed by local teams trained to listen and respond to your requests.

Whenever necessary, these workshops within the Centers for Orthopedics can ask for assistance from our central manufacturing facility which is capable of producing 10,000 items of equipment a year.

Our team of R&D engineers develop software specifically for orthotists to facilitate and improve the design of orthopedic equipment.

On a daily basis, PROTEOR orthotists use:

  • Orten3DCam: fast, comfortable and accurate acquisition of the shape of the user’s leg
  • OrtenSmartist, rectification and design performed using software dedicated to orthopedics
  • OrtenMake: efficient manufacture of knee braces using our numerical milling machines


To find out more about Orten application software: click here

The stages involved in providing a user with a knee brace

Only a specialist physician, physical medicine & rehabilitation physician (PM&R), orthopedic surgeon or rheumatologist can confirm the need for a custom-made knee brace and prescribe it.

Once you have a prescription, you must make an appointment at one of our centers for orthopedics.

During the first appointment, the orthotist will take time to explain the treatment provided by the knee brace and answer any questions the user might have.

The orthotist will then take measurements and capture a 3D digital image of the leg to ensure the best possible fit for the knee brace.

Before a knee brace for knee osteoarthritis can be manufactured, some administrative tasks may need to be completed which may require the following documents:

  • A medical prescription detailing the specific characteristics of the equipment required
  • Proof of health insurance (e.g. the Vitale card in France)

We produce a request for authorization and complete all the other administrative formalities ready to be sent to the health insurer as soon as your file is complete.

The time taken by insurers to get back to us varies (about 15 days) and may be longer for a first authorization since the user may be called in to attend a consultation about the equipment.

The knee brace is made-to-measure by Proteor’s manufacturing process that embodies the group’s expertise and know-how.

The user’s 3D shape obtained as described above is corrected electronically by our orthotists using the OrtenShape simulation and design software, whose development was informed by the experience gained by PROTEOR.

The orthotist will fit the knee orthosis to the patient and may adjust it to ensure optimal comfort.

He or she will then provide the information needed regarding its installation, care and servicing.

During this appointment, the orthotist will be able to answer any questions you might have.

For the entire duration of the treatment, the orthotist may need (in the event of any changes in body shape, etc.) to modify the knee brace.


Orthopedic professionals can order kits to enable them to manufacture Odra orthoses themselves