Hytrek is a single-axis knee with hydraulic regulation of the stance and swing phases, equipped with a manual lock.
It is a high-end knee for active transfemoral amputees.

The Hytrek knee is intended for L3-L4 patients.

It is suitable for patients whose daily activities include walking at a range of speeds on all types of surfaces and who regularly place heavy demands on their prosthesis by engaging in more dynamic and onerous activities that involve carrying loads, coping with impacts, and absorbing energy, such as sports and leisure pursuits.

The Hytrek knee supports up to 150 kg.

PROTEOR tests its products in accordance with standard NF EN ISO 10328-E 2006.

Hytrek has passed these tests (3 million cycles) thus proving its ability to withstand heavy loading, impacts and stresses.

The Hytrek single-axis hydraulic knee is well suited to everyday situations and to more sustained activities.

The hydraulic system and the control of its operation provide dynamic management of the swing phase (impact at the end of extension and dampening of the flexion). A hydraulic knee is particularly good at deadening the swing phase when the leg reaches its lowest point and at generating resistance to flexion during the stance phase when walking down slopes or stairs.

A key component of the Hytrek knee is a piston that travels inside a fluid-filled cylinder. It facilitates walking, both at fast and slow gaits.

When the wearer walks, a valve regulates the flow of hydraulic fluid to limit the flexion.

The flexion angle of 120° lets the patient kneel down and maintain this position without straining.

This amplitude is also compatible with sports such as cycling.

The cover provided protects the structure of the knee from scratches and impacts

Slopes and stairs

The wide range and adjustability of the Hytrek knee’s features (flexion, braking, hydraulic regulation) allow patients to go down stairs safely using alternating feet.

The activation of the brake when going down a slope, combined with the (adjustable) dampening of the end of extension lets the wearer go down slopes using alternating feet in a manner similar to that of a fully mobile person.

Technical features


Yes. The maximum angle of flexion is 120°, which lets you kneel down. An optional cover can be fitted over the Hytrek knee. If the prosthesis is not worn with a foam cosmetic element. This cover protects the knee from possible damage caused by kneeling on the ground (on concrete, gravel, bare earth, etc.). It can also protect your clothing if the prosthesis is worn without a cosmetic element.

Yes: walking, cycling, etc., but not watersports.

The knee is fitted with a lock which can be activated when you are standing or sitting. To lock the knee, press on the button at the rear of the knee. Always check that the lock has been engaged before applying load to the knee. Press on the button next to the lock button to unlock the knee.

Only a prosthetist is qualified to adjust a Hytrek knee. Although the various adjustments can be accessed directly on the knee without needing to dismantle it, it is important that you do not change the settings selected by the prosthetist during the fitting session.

The Hytrek knee is weatherproof. Showering or taking a bath while wearing the prosthesis is prohibited. This might impair its properties and its correct operation.

In France, the Hytrek knee has a 2-year warranty that cover normal conditions of use and after-sales servicing. If there is a problem with the knee during this period, it must be returned to the PROTEOR factory or to an accredited center for investigation of the problem and any repair work necessary. Once its warranty has expired, the knee may be repaired after obtaining a quote.

You can see what a Hytrek knee feels like by having one fitted for a trial period of up to one month.


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Legal Informations:
he Hytrek knee, manufactured by PROTEOR, is intended to be fitted to amputees. This product is a class-1, CE-marked medical device that is certified as conforming with Regulation (EU) 2017/745. Read the instructions for use carefully before use. Ask your prosthetist for advice.