Compression garments

Lymphedema sleeves and stockings are used to reduce the swelling that can occur after radiosurgery for breast cancer, post-traumatic injuries or phlebitis.

The choice of compression strength (class II, III, IV) for sleeves and stockings depends closely on the nature of the pathology to be treated of lymphatic origin.

Muffs and socks are always made to measure. The anti-slip of the muff can be replaced by a shoulder pad and a strap. If necessary, short or long finger mittens can be made.

Upper Limb

Mittens :

  • with or without thumb
  • separate or attached to the sleeve

 Sleeve :

  • simple or with mitt
  • proximal end: non-slip, elastic or shoulder cover with strap

Lower limb :

Bottom :

  • open or closed foot
  • with or without anti-slip

Tights :

  • open or closed foot
  • compression pants