Milwaukee spinal orthosis

The Milwaukee spinal orthosis (or scoliosis brace) is used to treat cases of scoliosis in very young children. It enhances the development of respiratory capacities and is indicated for upper thoracic scoliosis.

This active brace acts by auto-elongation which is induced when the young user tries to move away from the discomfort caused by the chin piece.

The absence of any restriction on the rib cage makes this orthosis well suited to the treatment of infantile and juvenile scoliosis, since at these ages the thorax is very weak.

The wearing of this orthosis in a motor vehicle is prohibited due to the high risk of laryngeal fracture.

This spinal orthosis is made of polyethylene (a thermoformable plastic) and the user can customize its appearance by choosing from our collection of decorative designs.

It is advisable to wear a t-shirt with no seams on the sides. This t-shirt will protect the user’s skin from any irritation caused by the brace rubbing against the body.

Scoliosis can continue to develop until the individual stops growing. Wearing the brace and attending regular check-ups by physicians working alongside orthotists are essential for a successful treatment.