Shoulder orthoses

Shoulder orthoses are off-the-shelf orthopedic devices intended to immobilize or support the shoulder.

Different types of support orthosis can be fitted to the user depending on the degree of immobilization required by their pathology:

  • Arm support slings used to support an arm or a plaster cast,
  • Immobilization vests for dislocations, sprains and for muscle, bone and tendon damage to the arm,
  • Shoulder immobilization slings or braces are indicated for trauma or fracture,
  • Abduction pads are used to immobilize and position the arm in abduction at a specific angle post-operatively or in the event of a rotator cuff or brachial plexus injury,
  • Clavicle tapes or strapping are used to immobilize the shoulder in the event of a fractured clavicle.

Examples of shoulder orthoses