Scoliosis parade

Wednesday, June 8 in Angers, France, Chloé, Constance, Léa and Manon participated in a fashion show during an exceptional evening organized by the association « Particulièrement FIERS « . At the head of this one, Marie Bressanges who wished to organize this event in order to help young people to accept themselves as they are.

« At the beginning, the idea of the parade comes from my personal history. I had double scoliosis as a teenager, a difficult age. I was isolated and withdrawn, » says Marie. « I then started a booklet with creations for young people who wear a corset with the idea of a fashion show to put them forward, because a handicap is not a weakness.

From the beginning of the project, Marie, a former patient, asked PROTEOR to become a partner of the event and to help her bring together young people wearing a scoliosis corset.

The fashion department of the Joseph Wresinski high school in Angers created the costumes for the 5 young girls. During the evening, the guests were able to discover poignant video testimonies of inspiring personalities and young people explaining their journey: wearing a corset, school bullying, endometriosis, violence, transsexuality, anorexia.

They marched accompanied by singers, dancers and cheerleaders from Angers, all in a warm and friendly environment. A beautiful lesson of life transmitted by this youth « particularly proud » of their differences.