PROTEOR factory inauguration

We are delighted to announce that last Friday, PROTEOR celebrated the inauguration of its new workspace at the Seurre site in the Côte d’Or region of France. This extension represents an additional 3,000 m² to support the Group’s development and continue to serve patients around the world.

For over a century, we have been able to evolve. Today, PROTEOR employs over 1000 people worldwide!
But it’s in Seurre that the heart of the company beats. This is where we develop and produce innovative solutions that we distribute worldwide.

Key figures:

  • Logistics: 12,000 items in stock, over 60,000 parcels dispatched to 63 countries every year.
  • Central Manufacturing: The number of orders has doubled in 10 years.

This new building represents an important milestone for our company, enabling us to reinforce our production capacity to meet growing customer demand, and to offer better working conditions for our employees with modernized manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art equipment.

This new factory represents more than just a building. It symbolizes our ability to innovate, to reinvent ourselves, to look to the future with confidence. It also reflects our commitment to people with disabilities, for whom we work tirelessly.

Many thanks to all those who honored this day with their presence.

Special thanks to Didier PARIS Emmanuelle Coint, Karine Chapelotte, Sébastien Delacour Olivier FOSSE Maria Gomez, Philippe GUERIT Cyrille Guiton Véronique FLURER Guillaume Bouteille Gilbert Valentin, Marie-Line Duparc, Sebastien Thevenin and Jean Patrick Rousseau for your presence. Your support and confidence are essential to our continued success.